Traditional Belgian Lambic can only be produced in the fertile agricultural region in Belgium known as the Pajottenland where non-cultivated yeasts and bacteria present in the environment around the wort take up residence in, and are responsible for the fermentation of, the beer.

In the past, this has restricted the production of lambic to a small number of breweries. Opening a new lambic brewery meant relocating.

But not any more!  Now SpontanAir brings you fresh and pure natural Pajottenland air in bottled form. By traveling to the traditional lambic brewers in Belgium, we can bring to you the most traditional, pure lambic air available. Harvested at night and sealed in the morning, SpontainAir is the most pure lambic air available. Furthermore, we only collect in the wintertime!

SpontanAir is produced by nature as it flows between the leaves of woodland trees, absorbs pristine water as it passes over Zenne River, and is lovingly caressed as it rolls over and between fields, after which it is blown into the hallowed lambic cellars where SpontanAir is collected and bottled.

SpontanAir brings you this air, rich in wild yeasts and bacteria, in a sealed, crystal-clear, heritage-style glass jar, preserving the precious lambic air inside. Every jar is labeled with the lambic producer where the air was harvested.

SpontainAir is only collected in winter, when the yeasts are at their purest. SpontanAir is also helping combat Global Warming. Air can be harvested in the winter and stored until it is needed.  This can extend your lambic brewing season by months!

Now SpontainAir pleased to announce that we are also providing SpontainAir Lambic Blends, enabling you to take advantage of the unique microorganisms found at multiple locations throughout the pajottenland. This will allow you to brew even more complex lambics with even more horseblanket funk.