As a homebrewer, you might not be aware that Belgian air is actually heavier than American air, so just spraying the air over the top of your coolship will usually lead to desired results, creating a layer of quality, inoculated air directly in contact with the exposed surface area of your beer. In some cases, BJCP-GOLD winning beers were brought to life by a mere 8oz (our smallest product) of air directly opened over a 5 gallon fermentation bucket! (However, we usually recommend at least 24oz of SpontanAir per 5 gallons).

It's with these results  that we can guarantee the highest quality lambic air. Buy with confidence knowing that the complex, deep flavors of world-class beer can now be made over a weekend in your garage. 

If you're a homebrewer and have any questions before ordering, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page. We have dedicated customer service agents standing by!  


SpontanAir enabled control panel 

We would be more than happy to provide you with industrial quantities of SpontanAir for you large scale spontaneous fermentation needs. Our team can also provide consultation and technical advice on how to introduce these unique bugs, unavailable anywhere else in the world, into your wort. 


This is our recommended method for industrial scale and is used by the esteemed HORAL member, Mort Subite. The wort is cooled using a plate cooler to 30°C to prevent infection. Next, the beer is placed in a steel tank that was filled with SpontanAir, rather than sanitized air or CO₂, to introduce microorganisms! LET'S MAKE LAMBIC!


Not as recommended, but not uncommon! The wort is first cooled using a traditional heat exchanger and then SpontanAir is pushed into the tanks. This introduces your imported microorganisms to the wort.

HDPE Tanks

Collecting wild yeasts in a SpontanAir Pro 100L tank 

Collecting wild yeasts in a SpontanAir Pro 100L tank 

SpontanAir for professional brewers is available in food grade HDPE tanks. The available sizes are 100, 200, 300 and 500 liters. For this application the SpontanAir control panel is recommended for proper dosing. The control panel can handle 3 tanks at a time so you can configure your own unique blend of SpontanAir. Depending on the size of tank, you can brew up to 2000 gallons of authentic Pajottenland cuvée at a time.
The HDPE tanks can afterwards be reused as a fermentation vessel for your brews. It has to be noted though that the SpontanAir takes residence in the tank so every future batch of beer will have a touch of Pajottenland terroir.


Today's beer scene is rife with rumors, so we can help protect your business by delivering you air completely unlabeled, in any format that will fit your business needs. A word of warning, compressed SpontanAir is unpredictable and can lead to heavy off flavors and, in some cases, over-funkification. We use separate logistics chains so there is no risk of harming your reputation. Our dedication has protected some of the most sought after American "Wild Ales" on the market!