Well this is suprising

We were told that releasing our new website and Facebook group would cause a commotion, but we quite simply never expected this response! 

So many orders have been processed in the past 24 hours that we had to hire extra agents to assist in setting the jars and tanks. With some of our air producers having very limited space, we may be backfilled for a few weeks. We believe in sending only the BEST product, and much like lambic, refuse to rush production. You must be patient when it comes to such a complex air.

However, we are excited to reach a whole new base of customers. Today we received an email I'd like to share from an excited brewer who contracted much of our production in the next couple batches! We of course protect our clients, so his name will be changed to protect his identity. Enjoy! 

Oh, and don't forget to buy a shirt in our Merch shop!

I wanted to thank you for bringing this product to market. Too long have American brewers been unable to recreate the lambic they love so dearly. I am especially appreciative of the forethought to make this product easy to use for both home and professional brewers. With the control panel capable of directing three different spontanair products I can perfectly tailor my beers to achieve the blend I desire. And the Lebeau method offers me the convenience of keeping my current process generally unaltered instead of using a pesky coolship. You truly are innovators!

Finally, I wanted to commend you on your De Cam Spontanair, for here is where I feel you have most fully captured the magic. Not only have you collected the air but you also caught the spirit of Karel perfectly in your product description! I'm sure this spirit is in the air as well, and I hope it is infectious.

Cheers to a job well done! Now I must return to my jars to inhale deeply and often in hopes of catching Gooik-itis.

Jave Danssen